August 2020: Our new range is out of the oven

We have a new rage called 'Hamburger Kaffeemühle'. Its colourplay is bades on the old coffeemills of Hamburg. Feel free to look how it looks like.

March 20th 2018: Gut Brand 2018 - New burningsession started

We are looking forward to our new burning season.

2018: Rusch gets cooperation with FCB Ceramika


Because of the cooperation with the company FCB Ceramika we achieve the possibillity to offer you a rang of bricks, roof tiles, queen closers and tiles that is much more various as it is already. FCB manufactures the same way as we do, by burning in a circular kiln. But because of their manufaturing on a traditionally way - they manufactures in wooden forms - we get the possibillity to deliver you a product that convinces with its individuality - more as it was already.

February 2018: Buildingproject 'Passierzettel'

The first part of the projekt 'Passierzettel' is nearly ready - the awesome result of our work is coming to be visibel: the assortment of the queen closer which was chosen of highest committee of Hamburg assimilates smooth into the overall architectural impression of the hole quater 'Passierzettel'

February 28th 2017: Gut Brand 2017 - New burningsession started

We are looking forward to our new burning season.

Autum/Winter 2016

We deliver bricks for the restauration on the 'Chilehaus' in Hamburg.

July 2016

We countedt the numbers of swallownests and came to the number of 36 pairs that breed on our manufacture.

30.11.2015: Burningseason is over

The burningseason 2015 is over!

Because of the winter we have turned off the oven. If you need bricks in the meantime, we sell them to you from our stock.

Autum/Winter 2015: Rusch-bricks for 'Weltkulturerbe Speicherstadt Hamburg'

It's done: Brickmanufacture Rusch delivers bricks for the 'Weltkulturerbe Speicherstadt Hamburg'!!! It is the face of the buildings 'Alter Zoll 2' and 'Alter Zoll 4' adressed 'Alter Wandrahm' in Hamburg that are rebuilded.

Juli 2015: Rusch-bricks for the school of architects in Denmark

The fassade of the school of architects in Skive, Denmark will be built with bricks from our manufature.

February 2015

Gut Brand! - Session 2015 / 2016 is opend, the kiln is burning!


From now the brickmanufactur Rusch can use further renewable energy ressources!

After month of waiting and countless conversations with the network operator the new photovoltaic installation, that has been installed on the roof of the production hall, has been connected to the energynet. With the help of the sunlight the manufacture is now able to produce a part of the required electricity by itself. 

December 2014

The burningseason 2014 is over!

Because of the winter we have turned off the oven. Untill the new "Gut Brand!" (relightning of the oven) it will last about 8 weeks. If you need bricks in the meantime, we sell them to you from our stock.

December 7th 2014

One day after 'Nikolaus', december 7th, we offer you a special campaign to the end of the year:

For only EUR 8,00 you can join in our manfuactur-tour that starts at 13:30 PM. Besides you achieve a EUR 5,00 - coupon for "Gut Brand!" with whom you can buy coffe and cake. Naturally we offer you also our coffe- and cakebuffet on this day. You'll find it on "Gut Brad!" from 14:00 PM.


If you allready know that you will take part, we recommend you to register you beforehand.

Enjoy your stay!

September 2014

The plaza and Sky-customersmagazin "Mein Coop Magazin" reported about our brick-manufacture:

Summer 2014

Swallowbadge from the NABU

Because of the many swallows that nest with our brickmanufacture we achived the swallow-badge from the NABU.

08. März 2014

We had a lot of fun on our Middle Age - Event on our brickstorage "Gut Brand!"


Gut Brand! - Session 2014 / 2015 is opend, the kiln is burning!

February 2014

Our circular kiln has been repaired:

01. Januar 2014

Exactly with new year our new pizzaoven is ready. Henceforth we will create delicious food out of this oven:


Brickmanufacture Rusch supplies BRUKSPECIALISTEN Gothenburg with bricks for the restoration of Gothenburgs 'Örgryta nya kyrka'. The bricks are specially made for this project by reconstructing bricks after the existing bricks of the brickwork:

Projekt Jugend und Wirtschaft 2013/2014

As a projekt from the Wilhelm-Gymnasium, Hamburg Melina Savvidou has written something about our manufacture. you find it here: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung für Deutschlands Schulen.

21. - 27. Oktober 2013

After many years of a loyal and successful operation our old brick squeezing machine was replaced with by newer one:


An team form the NDR tv was guest on our manufacture!

01.07.2013: Kirche saniert mit Rusch Klinkern

The department for building and arts of the established regional church decides to use our bricks for the restoration of the St. Wilhadikirche in Stade.


Torsten Albig (SPD), the prime minister from Lower Saxony, and his colleagues from the parliamental members of the SPD have been on "Gut Brand!" to discuss the crossing over the Elbe with economy guild of Stade.


Torsten Albig eternalized his signature in a brick form our manufacture.