Stylistic device masonry - the format of the bricks

The size of the bricks dictates in a fundamental part the visual appearance of the masonry. But to reduces the costs, most constructors have used huge bricks in the last years and therefore a lot of bricks sizes got lost. Besides this most brick manufactures are confined to produce only a few common brick formats.

But with our possibilities to produce bricks we are able to produce a lot of different brick formats. We offer you therefor besides the classic sizes the 'Hamburger Format' and the 'Oldenburger Format' nearly gone formats: the 'Altes Reichsformat' and the 'Kehdinger Minis'. Those suit excellent for restorations. We also produce some diverse 'Klosterformate' for special building yards.

Of course you can get common sizes as 'Normalformat' or 'Dünnformat'. In addition we produce also custom-made products.

Our standard sizes

Hamburger Format (HF)


Size (LxBxH): 220x105x65mm

Uptake rate/m²:   ca. 56 pieces

Weight:   ca. 2,8 kg

per palette:   363 bricks

Oldenburger Format (OF)


Size (LxBxH): 220x105x52mm

Uptake rate/m²:   ca. 72 pieces

Weight:   ca. 2,4 kg

per palette:   432 bricks

Normalformat (NF)


Size (LxBxH): 240x115x71mm

Uptake rate/m²:   ca. 48 pieces

Weight:   ca. 3,9 kg

per palette:   234 bricks

Dünnformat (DF)


Size (LxBxH): 240x115x52mm

Uptake rate/m²:   ca. 64 pieces

Weight:   ca. 3,2 kg

per palette:   330 bricks

Altes Reichsformat (aRF)


Size (LxBxH): 250x120x65mm

Uptake rate/m²:   ca. 51 pieces

Weight:   ca. 3,5 kg

per palette:   250 bricks

Kehdinger Backstein 8''


Size (LxBxH): 185x90x45mm

Uptake rate/m²:   ca. 91 pieces

Weight:   ca. 1,5 kg

per palette:   620 bricks



Size (LxBxH): 285x140x85mm

Uptake rate/m²:   ca. 32 pieces

Weight:   ca. 6,0 kg

per palette:   165 bricks

Please pay attention!

Whether you have industrial bulk good or a brick from a circular kiln, ceramic materials are subject to natural fluctuations that can cause differences in size. The written sizes therefore are only basic sizes. Its compliance is not ever possible exactly.