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Die Abbildung kann das spätere Produkt nur annähernd wieder geben.

Our paving stones "Rot-Kohle" excel with a range of red. You find nuances of red colours up to the point of sintered nearly black ones.

Possible formats:


1. 220 x 105 x 65 mm

2. 220 x 105 x 52mm

3. 240 x 115 x 71mm

4. 240 x 115 x 52mm

5. 250 x 120 x 65mm

6. 185 x 90 x 45mm

Eigenschaftskennwerte gem. DIN EN 1344


Maßspanne   Klasse   R1*
Frost-Tau-Widerstand   Klasse   FP100
Biegebruchlast   Klasse   T2
Abriebwiderstand   Klasse   A2
Gleit-/Rutschwiderstand   Klasse   U3
Säurebeständigkeit   Klasse   C
Wasseraufnahme   (M.-%)   <7
Scherbenrohdichte   Mittelwert   2,0 kg/dm³
















* 0,6x√(Sollmaß)mm


Commen product informations

Our paving stones distinguish themself with chips of the edges, cracks and deformations. Those are a characteristical feature of our bricks and allow not to claim the product.

Our paving stones are still produced on the traditional way of the burning in a circular kiln. Only the passed down knowledge gives the clay the variety of colours, surfaces and structures. Combined with the coal burning we reach a constant quality and the typical look of the Rusch-bricks.

Thers is not a single brick that look alike another one because every brick developes its own character by the burning. Because of this it can come to differences in the sizes, roughness of the surfaces, cracks in the bricks and sometimes buckled bricks. Also typical are differences in the colour. Naturally we assort our bricks appropriate to our brickranges and so we get a wide range of products. Compared to industrial bulk good it can also come to a higher percentage of cracked bricks in one package caused by the transportation.

Our bricks are a pure natural product, not a industrial bulk good. They achieve the requirements of DIN EN 1344, but sometimes it can come to differences in size and colour.

While assimilating, please watch out that you merge up bricks from more than one palette. Only on this way you are able to balance differences in sizes and colour ranges. But if you handle so, you will get a paved area with an incredible and unique character and will have pleasure with your product.