Looks as from a volcano but comes from the home country - Ziegellava

Our 'Ziegellava' gives you a further possibility to design your home. 'Ziegellava' is a further byproduct that arises during the burning of a normal brick. The 'Ziegellava' developes at that point when the fire goes to the next chamber in the kiln. To stop the fire in the actual chamber you put some billets into the poking opening and the residual moisture in the billets goes of abruptly. And there you have it: 'Ziegellava'. Because a controlled production of 'Ziegellava' is not possible, the optic and the size of the lava varies every time. Therefor you can use it in different areas. It fits as a shrub but also as filling for gabions. The bigger chunks fits excellent in an aquarium or a terrarium and form a highlight in the interior.